2015 - the year ahead

Posted by Charlie Johnston

2015 will be a very interesting year for the global and UK economy. With the drop in Oil price to roughly $50, one could argue that this will bring benefits to most organisations. However, with the UK's biggest market, namely Europe, entering into a period of stagflation there is a big counter balance at work which might mean that some UK companies see a drop in business.

The Oil &Gas world is entering into a very challenging period and even if businesses are robust enough to weather the storm, the over supply that is being expereinced at the moment will have to be worked through before demand pushes it up. There is one of school of thought that the Saudi's are unlikley to turn the taps off any time soon for geo-political reasons. The UKCS will suffer from this, I only hope for some of my clients sake is that it does not become too protracted as fields will cease to become viable.

Other clients in the transportation space will reap the benefits of it, as we will as a consumer. Mixed messages indeed!


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