Are you fit for purpose for resourcing and retaining talent?

Posted by Charlie Johnston

At Paratus Executive, we operate in the “people game” and we work with companies both in Scotland, the UK and Internationally. The business world is getting smaller as companies look to grow both in local and international markets and we want to work with you to make that happen by making sure your Human Capital Management Strategy is right for your business. Recruiting or retaining good talent plays an integral part of that development.

In the downturn companies looked to cut costs and push even senior recruitment down a far more commodity driven approach, where in some cases cost almost seemed to dictate the type of person you could attract. We believe with even with the current challenging political climate companies need to plan ahead and attract talent to that will not only be enthused about a job but also the culture of the business.

No business should have a one size fits all approach for its management team. If business believes it’s employees will deliver then they need to invest in ensuring that people are attracted to them and then are enthused to work for them thereafter.


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