Divergent thinking

Posted by Charlie Johnston

Sometimes a solution to a problem can be  an obvious outcome, however I believe it is always worth exploring other options. I was recently involved in a session which did exactly that. It began with a ' white board' discussion where the participants were alll asked to offer ideas around how to seek a solution. It was Chatham house rules so the group was encouraged to think broadly and laterally.

Not unexpectedly some of the thoughts where blue ski and 'out there'! However what the session showed was that divergent thinking can allow the range of talent in a team  to express themselves. It allows people to suggest ideas which might not only be relevant for the objectives of the session but could also be 'banked' and developed at a later date.

Once the boundaries where then established the process was brought back into focus - namely how to the solve the problem outlined from the outset. This was achieved but with far greater depth and clarity. 

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