Everybody has a strength

Posted by Charlie Johnston

With our lives moving on line in the last 12 months, some people have grasped this new concpet and loved it and others have not. People who were big personalities in the office are now sometimes struggling to get heard as life is driven by zoom or teams calls. With any situation and any environment different people will display different traits and outputs. As a leader the challenge is to identify those traits and utlilise them for the benefit of a group. This new world could well be one without rigid office routines and structures. Identifying where praise is due and discussions are needed has been difficult for some leaders and there is no easy answers. However, as a leader if you can identify what people are good at and allow them flourish then team cohesion will continue to evolve. Equally you must always horizon scan to identify those who are struggling and help them to develop their strengths. This will not be easy, so look to others to help you and continue to interact through every means of communication. 

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