General Election - rhetoric v reality

Posted by Charlie Johnston

As the Election draws nearer, all the pollsters seem to be forecasting a hung parliament. To me the big question will be is what will then happen to the economy thereafter. As the last 5 years has shown parties can work together but then equally then can also suffer the consequences if people do not like the policies that are introduced.

Whoever forms the next UK government will need to create a platform that will allow for the economy to grow. Too higher taxes and companies simply move away and equally too much red tape can also restrict growth for small businesses. All parties claim to be the party of business. However, business needs an environment where there is stability in the political system. What business does not want to see is uncertainty due to the prospect of referendums on Europe and Independence. 

Politicians need to be credible and not create wish lists which in a budgetary sense will be a burden to the country longer term. As Greece is currently experiencing, you can get elected promising radical changes but in reality it will either lead to stalemate or a 'game changing' event which will have long term consequences for all parties.

In my mind the next government will need to take a pragmatic stance to running the UK. This ultimately leads to difficult decisions needing to be made as the UK is currently living beyond its means. Whether that occurs or not remains to be seen.

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