Going the extra mile

Posted by Charlie Johnston

I had a very interesting conversation recently about going the 'extra mile' for a client. The discussion focused on the need to understand a client's needs and then trying to deliver the best possible service. That might not necessarily be around what you charge a client but rather should foucs on the way you deliver a project.

Sometimes it is about thinking laterally or seeing the bigger picture. As was the case recently with the runner in London Marathon who stopped to help and aid a fellow, but distressed, runner in the last few hundred metres of the run. The story went viral and as a result that runner is guaranteed place next year. What it also demonstrated was human spirit in the face of adversity when you sacrifice your own goals to help others. 

In business, whilst there is not a direct link to such an incident, client's are often under pressure to deliver targets, so your input needs to be timely and effective which in time will help them get them 'over the line,' with their objectives. 

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