Leadership - the Queen's way

Posted by Charlie Johnston

This week Her Majesty the Queen marked a key milestone in her reign, namely that she is now the longest serving British Monarch. Irrespective if you are a royalist or not I think it is worth commenting on how she has led. So often in this day and age people talk about leadership and that people need to adopt certain styles to match circumstances. Indeed there have been volumes of books published on the matter.

I wonder if though you could classify HM's leadership in business speak - delegative or collaborative leader perhaps? At times she has misjudeged the public's mood but in the main she has been on 'money' and that model of consistency has meant that she has been able to project 'soft power/diplomacy' across the globe. Can you quantify this in hard numbers, probably not but I felt atleast it was worth commenting on in this blog.

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