Price v Quality

Posted by Charlie Johnston

Over the last 6 years we have all experienced the challenge of having to "tighten our belts" or restructure. As a provider of a service Paratus Executive is constantly striving to work with clients where we can provide value for money. In some instances though we have experienced a drive to the bottom in terms of price point v quality of service.

Of our products executive search is the one that has come under the most pressure as some companies have radically altered their resourcing models and have "lumped" everything into to such an extent that you can end up with a commodity driven process. 

Our belief is that the key to success in search is ensuring that you have the right engagement from the outset from the client. Price is clearly key for our customers but so should quality of service. This industry is clearly not alone in this predicament as we are constantly being made aware of how large retailers are looking to discount prices but still maintain a certain level of quality. Ultimately you have to perhaps ask where does this end up? 

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