Protecting talent from becoming a flight risk

Posted by Charlie Johnston

A number of our clients in recent weeks have spoken to us about the talent pool they possess. One called it the 'flight risk team' as they were concerned about a numer of people who have not been promoted or there is simply no where for them to go. The key challenge for this business is how you retain staff when they are clearly ambitious but there is a 'bottleneck' at the top. 

Some people in that area will undoubtedly be happy to remain where they are, but for some there is need to help that talent to develop in an appropriate and effective way. This is not always easy but through the right mentoring and coaching a "pathway" can be created which can at the very least demonstrate to these people how moving up the corporate ladder might be possible. This is where we believe we can help, through bespoke packages created specifically for individuals or teams. For more information please email: 

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