Sir Alex Ferguson - an interesting view on leadership

Posted by Charlie Johnston

A recent TV documentary portrayed how Sir Alex Ferguson's style of leadership can bring a different perspective to the Boardroom. Indeed he is now a visiting lecture to a prominent US Business School. The key thing that came out of the documentary is that a team or business should always seek to develop and grow and never standstill. If not, then the market will eclipse you.

To Sir Alex no one player was bigger than the team or the club and he certainly proved that by selling on key players in sometimes controversial circumstances. If this modus operandi is applied to industry then there are alot of crossovers, especially by ensuring that all aspects of a club and/or a business work together. Whilst we are all prone to market forces in which we operate, the key factor is the people. By this I mean the morale and motivation of the staff and the actions of the senior management team in the development of the business. If that relationship breaks down then businesses can struggle. 

To that end Boards should never rest on their laurels, Sir Alex built 3 or 4 teams in his tenure over a 20 plus year period and that in the main is due to having the right people in place to deliver both on and off the pitch. 

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