The impact of the 18th September?

Posted by Charlie Johnston

It is less then 24 hours before people go to the polls in Scotland and everybody is talking about it. No matter where you are in the UK or indeed beyond when people discover you are from Scotland then they are keen to hear your views. The key thing for me,whatever the result, is what will the impact be on the economy and investment in future growth?

For some multi-nationals I believe it will be business as usual but for others there is undoubtedly going to be a period of instability which I hope will be short lived. I hope that the 'noise' surrounding the campaign will not cause upheaval and indecision, especially when companies are in the process of restructuring their business.

Politicians will continue to wrangle and whatever the outcome in my mind it will not be total independence but some form of devo max. We are too closely linked together for full seperation in its generic sense. 

As a growing business I do not want to be hindered by the outcome of tomorrow;  but I suspect, whatever the outcome, that this is wishful thinking!

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