The social labouring in the 'new normal'

Posted by Charlie Johnston

COVID19 has changed the not just business world, but also how we live our lives. Everybody has had to adjust very abruplty to how we work and function. However, for some it has also created a chance to hit the 'pause' button in terms of hectic daily lives or with others they have seen an increase in productivity because they have not had to travel an hour each way to work.

This new environment is proving to be vey challenging for alot of businesses as their ability to trade has been halted, for others working remotely has been enlightening, but as when the lockdown is lifted it will also bring new hurdles. Social labouring is key to the success of a high performing team, but it only really works where they is a common purpose, team ethos and clear goal/focus. Depending on how companies choose to operate moving forward will have a big impact on this construct  and senior managers need to be aware of setting the right expectations and displaying the right leadership that will ensure that team cohesion is maintained. 

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